About Us

About Us

Incorporated in 1994, Universal Esters Limited (UEL) is a preferred manufacturer and supplier of key inputs to the Cosmetics Industry. We are renowned for our impeccable product quality as well as customer service. To begin with, our specialty products were focussed on the sunscreen segment. Over the years, UEL has expanded its horizon to other related Industries and developed its expertise, capability and competence, through continuous market development, process enhancement and product applications. UEL has always led from the front and has now taken a position of leadership, whilst showing others the way to stride ahead.

Product Portfolio

Our products are used as active ingredients in sunscreen lotions, creams and other cosmetic formulations. Apart from Cosmetics, we have products with applications in Flavours and Fragrances, Pharmaceuticals, etc. We have the unique capability to develop products as per the stringent and customized requirements of our customers. They all conform to international quality norms and standards.

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is located near the city of Vadodara in Gujarat, India. It is a multi‐purpose facility equipped to produce a diverse range of products. The present capacity of the plant is around 1200 MT per annum. This capacity can easily be scaled up to 2400 MT per annum. The Company follows good manufacturing practices and adheres to the highest standards of environment, health and safety. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Company. We are also Halal certified and are in the process of acquiring cGMP certification. UEL has received Environment Clearance from MOEF, Government of India and Consent to Operate from GPCB, Government of Gujarat.

Customer Outreach

UEL has direct exports to Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America. We also supply to Europe, Asia, Africa and North America through agents and distributors. We have a extensive list of loyal customers who are regular buyers and patrons for a long time. UEL is open to exploring opportunities for exports to markets where it has not given exclusivity to its agent or distributor. We are in active pursuit of market growth and a widespread global foot print. UEL works directly with end‐consumers as well as operates through agents, distributors and dealers to promote its products. UEL believes in cooperation, understanding, transparency and fairness in all its dealings.

Technical Excellence

Over the years, UEL has built knowhow, expertise and technology in certain products and applications which give us the competitive edge. We combine strong Research & Development with continuous quality improvement, regular capacity build‐up and consistent product development.

Ethical Approach

Ethics is at the very heart of UEL. We believe in cooperative effort, co‐existence and common approach for the benefit of all. We work with a positive and purposeful outlook, like responsible and responsive corporate citizens. We anticipate, ensure and meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, all the time.

Our Product

Octyl Methoxycinnamate (OMC)

SYNONYM: 2-Ethylhexyl 4- methoxycinnamate

CAS NO: 5466-77-3

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Octyl Salicylate (OS)

SYNONYM: Ethylyhexyl salicylate

CAS NO: 118-60-5

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Homosalate (HMS)

SYNONYM: 2-Ethylhexyl salicylate

CAS NO: 118-56-9

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Benzophenone-3 (B3)

SYNONYM: Oxybenzone

CAS NO: 131-57-7

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Benzophenone-4 (B4)


CAS NO: 4065-45-6

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Avobenzone (AVO)

SYNONYM: Butyl Methoxy DiBenzoyl Methane

CAS NO: 70356-09-1

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Octocrylene (OCR)

SYNONYM: Octocrylene

CAS NO: 6197-30-4

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Octyl Hydroxystearate (OHS)

SYNONYM: 2- Ethylyhexyl 12-Hydroxystearate

CAS NO: 29710 25-6

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Octyl Dodecanol (OD)

SYNONYM: Octyl Dodecanol

CAS NO: 5333‐42‐6

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4-Methoxycinnamic Acid (PMCA)

SYNONYM: 4-Methoxycinnamic Acid

CAS NO: 830-09-1

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Ethyl 4-Methoxycinnamate (EPMC)

SYNONYM: Ethyl P-Methoxycinnamate

CAS NO: 24393-56-4

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Cinnamic Acid (CA)

SYNONYM: Cinnamic Acid

CAS NO: 140‐10‐3

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